Wednesday, February 25, 2009

~~~The Second Song~~~ Emnia Elf

Now, Ashsa's horse had died only a few days after she had turned twelve. It was also a few days before her Twelve Year Party, an old tradition that could not be broken.
When Ashsa's party was ready, her parents invited the whole kingdom. Everyone-- well, almost-- came. Ashsa was made to sit and greet every single one of them, which made her want to scream. As she sat bored to tears while she accepted the gifts, others were having a great ball.
Finally, after five hours greeting people, she started to mutter to herself. Not mean things about how things were so terrible, but stories. Ones that scared people, that enchanted them.
When Ashsa was spinning a tale full of heart, an old woman was coming up the deserted greeting isle. She smiled at Ashsa, who was silenced by surprise.
"Dear fellow Spinner, I see a great journey ahead of you. You must learn how to Spinn so many things. But, I beg you to be careful of your tongue. One too many tales can make them life. And kill." With that, the old woman left.
Ashsa thought about the woman. Spinner. Destiny was silly. A young girl was usless. Spinner?


  1. Ooh, ongoing story. Didn't know that... :-)


  2. Yep. Now you do! Horrah! (I quote Shannon Hale, Books of Bayern)
    Mmmm... We're having cabbage and corned beef, and it smell sssooo good!...

  3. Ooh, I had corned beef the other day. Can't exactly say that I was fond of it...but...


  4. It was a little tough, this time. I have a bit more space than many people do inbetween my teeth, so I had to break out my toothpick. I hate having to do that. But the cabbage was sssooo good! And potatoes... Get a little bit of the Irish ways in there! Extra butter too... Now that's good eats!