Monday, February 16, 2009

Hello! I HIGHLY dout anyone will read this, but...

Who cares? [me.] Shh! Ha, uh, don't listen to the dude in the []. His name is Everston, a.k.a., Dragon's Gas. Don't ask. You don't want to find out.
Oh! By the way, I'm Emnia. THE elf. I have four other friends with me, I'll let them introduce themselves!
[Everston, young-lings. I do think we've been introduced... Maybe not...]
{Like, hi! I'm Litta, that's pronounced LIGHT-ta. Cool, right? I, like, know it is....}
(Dude, I'm Ashen. I just want to tell you that Everston is a dragon and Litta is a unicorn. Like dude! Ow! that pin of your's got into my eye! Dude!)
{Sorry, Ashen. It, like, hurt!}
Ha. As you see, you're really going to have to watch the marks around the speach. If it gets too hard, just tell. I bet I could have guests...
But, we hope you will grow close to OUR family! Just so you know, we don't swear, hurt peoples feelings, use others ideas, OR be critical of other's faith. As long as you LOVE fantasy and day dreaming, WELCOME!
But, if you need a more serious blog, you can go to:
Where we have Kiera a.k.a., lady edit, as our host. But beware, she might make us do an appearace on her blog!
(HEY! the contract never said that! You can't do that! She can't do that!)
Yes, I caaannnn!
{Like, what? I think I, like, missed something. Are we, like, going to die? Ah! My nail chipped! Like, shoot!}
Oh, goodness! Enough with the LIKES!!!

Well, we're headed out!
Ashen, Everston, Litta, and Emnia Elf

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