Saturday, April 11, 2009

~~~Song 3~~~

Whoa! Litta, put the fire OUT!!!

{Ah! Sorry, I didn't mean to, like, it was by accident!}

(Litta, no one cares, JUST PUT IT OUT!)

Ah, ah, ah... There. It's out. Happy?

(Yes, thank you Emnia. Hey, can you just call you Emy?)

Ah, no. Emnia. And if that's too long, you can call by my full name: Emniastareiana.

{Like, whoa. Who would name there kid that?}

(Her parents, LITTA!)

Ashen, cool it. Just because Litta's getting on everyone's nerves does not mean we have any rights--and some of us don't have any brains-- to be cruel. And Emniastareiana is pretty long.

{Like, why does your entire family's name all end with "iana?"}

Tristan and Doug's names don't. Only the girls names end with 'iana': Tristiana-- who was named after the forest clan's leader, Veritiana-- who would know why we have 'iana' at the and of all of our names, Wanteriana, Elicastiana, and Heristreiana.

(Wow. But yours is the longest.)

Yep, rrriiigggghhhttt, Ashenistareicon.

{Like, yours is longer.}

Not by much!

(Emniastareiana versus Ashenistareicon. Wait... 14 against 15! Ha I...)

Loose! I told you Emniastareiana was shorter!

{Wait... Why does Emniastareiana and Ashenistareicon both have 'stare' in the same place?}

Because that's called 'inherhitoeh names'. It means that we have some relation, or did at one point in time.

{That doesn't explain why your sisters don't have that last name.}

It's a little...

(Weird to discuss. We'll tell you when you're way older.)

Anyhoo, should we wait any longer to begin our story?

(Go right ahead, Emniastareiana. I'm waiting.)

I swear one day I'll--

(Is that really the story?)



Ashsa waited until the castle fell asleep. She snuck out of her room and ran away from her door. Hiding in the shadows, she breathed slowly in, slowly out.
"Now or never," Ashsa ran towards the main gates and pulled up her hood.
"Young girl, shouldn't you be in bed?" a soldier called down.
Doing her best accent of a slave, she called up, "Mummy's in a illness pot. Bringing her meds."
"Illness pot...?" the soldier suddenly left, and Ashsa hoped he was getting others to help his lower the bridge.
"Come, now, hurry!" Ashsa muttered.
"You there! Princess Ashsa!"
A soldier was going to take her away!
"Oh, no, I don't think so!" Ashsa pushed down her skirts to reveal what she had been hiding for months-- boys' pants.
The soldier stopped and his cheeks grew red-- blood red.
Ashsa took this pause to get a head start. Running towards the gate, she stuck her feet into the square holes and slowly made her way up.
"Open the gates!" soldiers were yelling crazily over the bridge.
Ashsa felt her stomach ease in an ill way, and she held on for her dear life as she was lifted into air, nothing but her own grip holding her up.
"Let go!" a girl's voice called.
Ashsa was not listening to orders, but to her own head. Letting go, she fell in the air. Suddenly she landed on something soft, like a leather bag.
Then she felt feathers.
"Hold on, princess of written spells."
Was some one accusing her of being a witch? She was not, and she would never do anything like it.
"I am no witch," Ashsa managed to get out. "I am a Spinner."

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